Project Peachy Before + After Part 2: Living Room

A couple of weeks ago we shared the before and afters from the Entryway and Powder Bath of #projectpeachy (in case you missed it, you can read that post here). Today we’re moving right along and sharing the living room, which is located just off the entryway (you can see a bit of the old staircase and the dusty salmon paint on the right in the photo below).




project peachy interior design miami

Out with the old brown floor tiles and in with this wood-look porcelain!

We also swapped the old (crumbling) brick around the fireplace for a modern concrete-look surround to tie in with the new stair treads. To make the small fireplace feel more proportional in the room, we bumped out a section of the wall to match its depth and created a built-in shelving feature. We kept the space above the fireplace bare to bring the focus to the styled shelves. Neutrals, pretty pottery and lots of natural texture make them feel collected and serene.

project peachy interior design miami


The existing bay windows brought in TONS of natural light and helped to make this little room feel a bit more open. They got a facelift with some new white sills and simple roman shades. AND we said goodbye to the little octagonal look-through that used to grace the wall above the sofa.



After construction and a fresh coat of white paint, we layered neutrals and natural texture to create a calming atmosphere which, in our opinion, is basically essential when you live in a city like Miami. There’s nothing like coming home to a beautiful, tranquil space after long days spent in traffic and at the office - except maybe a big glass of wine.

The beautiful artwork above the sofa was something our clients already owned. We love the contrasting black and white and the warm wooden frame - it works perfectly!

project peachy interior design miami the habitat collective
project peachy interior design miami the habitat collective
project peachy interior design miami the habitat collective
project peachy interior design miami the habitat collective


In addition to changing up the fireplace surround and bumping out the wall, we also extended walls on the opposite side of the room. While we’re usually advocates for opening spaces up, what this living room really needed was MORE definition. You can see from the before photos that the original space between the front and the back of the house was an awkward size - not quite wide enough to be a fully-functional seating area, and not slim enough to feel like a hallway.


So, instead of opening up the entire ground floor, we extended the existing wall between the kitchen and entryway to create a better flow and more functional zones. You can see the blue tape marking the “new” walls on either side of the opening in the photo above!



Part of this section of wall that the entryway mirror hangs on didn’t exist before we extended it…and we’re so glad we did, because it’s one of our favorite moments in the whole house.

The same goes for the small wall on the other side of the opening - we mounted a sconce there to make a cozy reading nook beside the new built-in bookshelves. With the leather pouf and shelves styled in neutral tones it looks perfectly modern yet warm and we LOVE this little vignette. (TIP: turn your books around so the pages, rather than the spines, are on display for a simplified look!)


Kitchen before + after: #projectdecobythedocks

This kitchen remodel took slightly longer than anticipated – we did as much of the work as we possibly could ourselves, to try and save on costs, and unfortunately it kept getting put on the back burner because we've been such busy little bees. 

But, Oh! Was it worth the wait!

As it used to exist, it was poorly laid out, lacked functionality, it was claustrophobic (due to a huge bulkhead and low cabinets) and it was also quite dark (maybe something to do with the range hood being positioned in front of the only window in the room?!). It also didn’t have a dishwasher. Oh, and did we mention it was straight out of the 80’s? And definitely not in a cool, retro way. 

IMG_5355 2.JPG

So, objectives for the new kitchen included a space which feels light, bright, open and airy, a functional, organized layout with enough storage, a standard sized range (as opposed to the apartment sized one that was there before), AND a dishwasher. No mean feat with only 67ft2 (and two doorways) to work with!

Check out these floorplans to see what we did:




Moving that doorway a few inches to the left and centralizing it in the room meant we could get a full height pantry cabinet in – this was a game changer! We also shrunk back that big, ugly bulkhead a considerable amount, which really helped to open up the space. Can you believe half of it was totally hollow and there for no apparent reason - it's always worth checking behind sofits and lowered ceilings to see if there is a way to either remove or shrink them!



The cabinets are from IKEA and we managed to score them at 15% off when they were having a kitchen event (this happens a few times a year, and the sale even includes appliances). We can’t recommend them enough – they’re solid cabinets with great interior solutions, which are totally customizable. We also purchased the pretty ceramic sink and integrated dishwasher from IKEA, which came with a 5 year warranty and has been great so far! 

Semi-Handmade made the beautiful kitchen doors, and again we managed to purchase these while they were having a 20% off promotional event! We love the quality of these doors and how they turn IKEA cabinets into the “custom” kitchen of your dreams! They even made us a matching panel for the integrated dishwasher (located to the left of the sink... you'd never know, right?!). They were also always on hand to answer all of our filler-piece/toe-kick related questions! We went with their DIY Shaker Panels so that we could pick the exact shade we wanted to paint them. We also thought we’d save on costs if we rented a paint sprayer and painted them ourselves. Unfortunately when it came down to it, we totally freaked out… and realized we had nowhere to do it (apartment living = no back yard), so we enlisted the help of a professional! Good decision because they came out beautifully (and who knows how things would have ended up if we’d been let loose with a paint sprayer?!). We decided on Hush by Behr for the color. 


The countertops are white quartz (pure white) and we managed to save 30% on these. If you have a tiny kitchen it’s definitely worth checking to see if there are any stone suppliers out there who have left overs from larger orders. This is much more cost effective than ordering brand new slabs.

The hardware is Lewis Dolin, the faucet is Delta (the magnetic pull down is our favorite). The range is Blomberg and we are loving cooking on gas (with a standard sized range!). The hood is from Signature Hardware and is one of the prettiest we’ve ever seen; yay for white hoods!

The backsplash is a marble herringbone, which we got from Home Depot. We decided to go all the way up to the ceiling with it, and whilst this was back-breaking work, it has totally opened up the room. It also bounces so much light around and complements the color of the cabinets so perfectly.  

We also added a run of backsplash on the opposite wall – above the shallow countertops and framed this in with two 6ft open shelves and a couple of chrome wall sconces (to contrast all of the brass!). This has provided a ton of storage, and is actually where we keep our most-used, every day items like plates, bowls, herbs, chopping boards and glasses (mixed in with some small artwork too!). These shelves are one of our favorite parts of the kitchen – functional and pretty (and they work a million times better than wall cabinets would have done, with regards to keeping the space feeling open!). 


And finally, that Smeg fridge, the fridge of our dreams. We splurged big time here (which was the reason we built the cabinets and tiled the walls with our own fair hands) and we don’t regret it for a second! Who knew a house-hold appliance could bring such pure, unadulterated joy?!

photo-3 4.jpg