Sofa Roundup: 24 Of Our Favorite Sofas To Cozy Up On This Fall

It might not feel like Fall here in South Florida, but there's still something about the season that makes us want to cozy up at home. Maybe it's the heavy dose of Fall all over our Instagram feeds or maybe it's carried over from our past lives in more seasonal cities - either way, we're definitely into it! So, in the spirit of curling up for some extended Netflix marathons, we've rounded up 24 of our favorite sofas in styles to fit every living room. 

We love them all, and would happily offer any of these beauties a spot in our own homes, but we especially love 2, 12 and 20. The wooden legs on #2 are bold yet streamlined, and we can’t get enough of the way it looks from the side (seriously, click through at the end of this post to check out its many gorgeous angles). Pick #12 is CURVED. We are SO HERE for all the rounded sofas we've been seeing and are itching to try out this trend. If you've got a living room that needs some sprucing and a pretty, curvy sofa, call us. We're your girls. And finally, #20. Bench seat cushion? Check. Pretty, soft leather? Check. Simple, streamlined frame? CHECK. Leather sofas have the potential to go very, very wrong, but this one is SO right. Let us know your favorites below!

24 Best Sofas Fall 2019