Ooooh Ottoman Round Up!

People sometimes forget about this coffee table alternative when they're putting together their living spaces, which is a REAL SHAME for the following reasons:

1. Ottomans can be really multi-functional; you can use them in exactly the same way as you would a coffee table with the simple addition of a large tray for holding drinks/books/vases etc. PLUS they offer a comfy place for you to put your feet up, provide additional seating when necessary, and even extra storage in some cases! Winner winner, chicken dinner. 

2. If you have kids (or in Sara's case- the world's clumsiest Great Dane), they're probably less likely to decapitate themselves crashing into an ottoman rather than a glass coffee table.

3. Want to inject a pop of texture/pattern/color into your living space but don't want to invest in a green, velvet sofa? Be non-committal and do it with an ottoman instead!  

Here's a round-up of our top 20, which are all available right now:


Before you go rushing out to replace your coffee table with an ottoman, here are some helpful tips to bear in mind:

- Make sure the dimensions of the ottoman work with the dimensions of your sofa, you don't want to be relaxing on your sofa with your legs elevated above your head (ok, slight exaggeration but you know what we mean).

- If you have kids and/or pets consider leather rather than fabric upholstery- this will be easier to keep clean. If you're adamant on using fabric and are still concerned about maintenance, opt for something with a removable, machine washable cover (like no. 3 from our list above!).  

- If you do want to utilise the surface with a large tray, make sure you choose an ottoman with a relatively flat top!

- We recommend going for an ottoman which subtly contrasts with your sofa in some way; either with color, pattern or texture.  This will add some sophisticated personality, rather than keeping things too matchy-matchy.

- If you fall in love with a particular fabric and want to nail the dimensions of your ottoman so that it fits perfectly with your sofa, there is always the option to have one custom-made! May we present to you, The Queen of all Ottomans, from Project Bright & Breezy:


This ottoman was a beast (a very beautiful beast); perfect for the enormous sectional we'd specified. These photos totally don't do it justice but we had it upholstered in the most gorgeous patterned Batik Linen from Walter G. To maximise functionality we designed an ottoman tray with Grove & Anchor and, OH MAN, we're pretty sure that this might just be the perfect OTT-O-MAN situation! Let us know what you think and which are you faves from our top 20 round-up!

Sara + Laura xx