Bar Cart Styling

The holiday festivities might have come to an end this month but that definitely does not mean that you need to ditch the daiquiris, get rid of the rum or wave goodbye to the whiskey. Now is actually the perfect time to create a more permanent bar area in your home, in place of the temporary solutions that you might have come up with over the holidays. So grab that gin and get reading our guide to creating the perfect bar cart... and remember; whilst it's all very well mixing up a great tasting cocktail, most of the appeal is visual!  

 1. Your bar cart should be stylish (of course!) and organized, and let’s not forget the f-word here, your bar cart should be functional. You could try organizing things into zones; mixing, pouring and garnishing/serving areas will make life easier.

2. Make sure that everything you might need to make the perfect cocktail is close to hand, our personal list includes: corkscrew, bottle opener, shaker, jigger, strainer & your favorite glassware. When it comes to selecting these essential items (if you don't already have them), put some thought into how they're going to look when all displayed together. Your cocktail equipment by no means needs to be coordinated but having a theme, even if it's vague, can help pull everything together. When it comes to the tools, the glassware and even the bar cart itself we recommend keeping an eye out for beautiful vintage pieces at local thrift stores and flea markets. They'll make great conversation starters and if you're clever you'll be able to find all sorts of treasure (at bargain prices!)..... and like they say, they just don't make 'em like they used to. 

3. Now, on to the important part- the booze! This is obviously very personal and like the rest of your home should reflect you and your tastes. However, if you want to keep everyone happy we'd recommend stocking up on  a good vodka, gin, rum & whiskey.... and possibly tequila & vermouth if you want to go all out (that would definitely keep all of our friends happy, anyway!). Again, when it comes to selecting the liquor, choose the prettiest bottles available, and if there aren't pretty bottles available you could always serve from beautiful decanters instead!  

4. Don't forget about the details- you might want to think about pretty straws, stirrers, coasters and napkins. Fresh flowers are ALWAYS a good idea too.

5. Make the most of the wall behind your bar cart and add some personality. Fun ideas we've seen include chalkboard and gallery walls.

Our final pieces of advice for the host with the most: make sure you have lots of ice, a great playlist and don't let your guests glasses get empty! 

Need some inspiration? Here are some of our faves!