Kitchen before + after: #projectdecobythedocks

This kitchen remodel took slightly longer than anticipated – we did as much of the work as we possibly could ourselves, to try and save on costs, and unfortunately it kept getting put on the back burner because we've been such busy little bees. 

But, Oh! Was it worth the wait!

As it used to exist, it was poorly laid out, lacked functionality, it was claustrophobic (due to a huge bulkhead and low cabinets) and it was also quite dark (maybe something to do with the range hood being positioned in front of the only window in the room?!). It also didn’t have a dishwasher. Oh, and did we mention it was straight out of the 80’s? And definitely not in a cool, retro way. 

IMG_5355 2.JPG

So, objectives for the new kitchen included a space which feels light, bright, open and airy, a functional, organized layout with enough storage, a standard sized range (as opposed to the apartment sized one that was there before), AND a dishwasher. No mean feat with only 67ft2 (and two doorways) to work with!

Check out these floorplans to see what we did:




Moving that doorway a few inches to the left and centralizing it in the room meant we could get a full height pantry cabinet in – this was a game changer! We also shrunk back that big, ugly bulkhead a considerable amount, which really helped to open up the space. Can you believe half of it was totally hollow and there for no apparent reason - it's always worth checking behind sofits and lowered ceilings to see if there is a way to either remove or shrink them!



The cabinets are from IKEA and we managed to score them at 15% off when they were having a kitchen event (this happens a few times a year, and the sale even includes appliances). We can’t recommend them enough – they’re solid cabinets with great interior solutions, which are totally customizable. We also purchased the pretty ceramic sink and integrated dishwasher from IKEA, which came with a 5 year warranty and has been great so far! 

Semi-Handmade made the beautiful kitchen doors, and again we managed to purchase these while they were having a 20% off promotional event! We love the quality of these doors and how they turn IKEA cabinets into the “custom” kitchen of your dreams! They even made us a matching panel for the integrated dishwasher (located to the left of the sink... you'd never know, right?!). They were also always on hand to answer all of our filler-piece/toe-kick related questions! We went with their DIY Shaker Panels so that we could pick the exact shade we wanted to paint them. We also thought we’d save on costs if we rented a paint sprayer and painted them ourselves. Unfortunately when it came down to it, we totally freaked out… and realized we had nowhere to do it (apartment living = no back yard), so we enlisted the help of a professional! Good decision because they came out beautifully (and who knows how things would have ended up if we’d been let loose with a paint sprayer?!). We decided on Hush by Behr for the color. 


The countertops are white quartz (pure white) and we managed to save 30% on these. If you have a tiny kitchen it’s definitely worth checking to see if there are any stone suppliers out there who have left overs from larger orders. This is much more cost effective than ordering brand new slabs.

The hardware is Lewis Dolin, the faucet is Delta (the magnetic pull down is our favorite). The range is Blomberg and we are loving cooking on gas (with a standard sized range!). The hood is from Signature Hardware and is one of the prettiest we’ve ever seen; yay for white hoods!

The backsplash is a marble herringbone, which we got from Home Depot. We decided to go all the way up to the ceiling with it, and whilst this was back-breaking work, it has totally opened up the room. It also bounces so much light around and complements the color of the cabinets so perfectly.  

We also added a run of backsplash on the opposite wall – above the shallow countertops and framed this in with two 6ft open shelves and a couple of chrome wall sconces (to contrast all of the brass!). This has provided a ton of storage, and is actually where we keep our most-used, every day items like plates, bowls, herbs, chopping boards and glasses (mixed in with some small artwork too!). These shelves are one of our favorite parts of the kitchen – functional and pretty (and they work a million times better than wall cabinets would have done, with regards to keeping the space feeling open!). 


And finally, that Smeg fridge, the fridge of our dreams. We splurged big time here (which was the reason we built the cabinets and tiled the walls with our own fair hands) and we don’t regret it for a second! Who knew a house-hold appliance could bring such pure, unadulterated joy?!

photo-3 4.jpg

2016 Year In Review

Happy New Year form The Habitat Collective! Is it just us, or did this year absolutely fly by? We could have sworn it was January just a minute ago! This year has been nothing short of ahhh-mazing for this little business of ours, and we can’t wait to see what 2017 brings! So, before (or while) we pop open the bubbly and celebrate, we’re getting a little nostalgic about everything that’s happened this year. 2016, we love you!



We kicked off the year with a super fun collab led by Adriana from The Creatives Loft. We spent a morning wth some of the coolest, most talented ladies in Miami creating and styling a wedding set for a photoshoot. Can we just say…that table was BEAUT and the florals by Primrose Florals? To die for. See all the photos and get to know the fab vendors here.



We had so much fun with our client from #projectundercoverbalcony. We designed this little oasis in the sky on the DL and then spent a (very hot) afternoon getting down and dirty potting a mini-jungle for her and her boyfriend AND very adorable Cavalier to enjoy. Mission accomplished.


undercover balcony - the habitat collective


We always love a good small-space challenge and #projectprettyinpink did not disappoint! This little apartment nestled in Coral Gables was tiny, but had amazing natural light and an easy-to-work-with neutral base. Plus, the sweetest client that made our jobs easy as pie. Win - win - WIN!

project pretty in pink - the habitat collective
project pretty in pink - the habitat collective


We can't say enough good things about our local West Elm store in Midtown. Over the past year we've partnered with them to style and shoot vignettes for social media (access to some of the most gorgeous furniture and accessories = every designer's dream!!) and were even featured on the company's main Instagram feed a few times! Fun Fact: BOTH habco dogs were featured in West Elm marketing campaigns this year!

INSTAGRAM HITS 1K and then 5K!!

Ya’ll know how much we looove the little world of Instagram. So many pretty feeds to follow, so little time!! Anyway, we were totally floored when we hit 1K after only a few months of ‘grammin - and then 5K a few months after that. We're so thankful for all the insta love and support - seriously you guys are the best!



Hab Co’s first feature! We were SO excited to have #projectstaybrassy's transformation featured for the world to see - HELLO crazy before and afters!!

apartment therapy feature
project stay brassy - north miami kitchen - the habitat collective


We're so lucky to have met some awesome creatives in Miami! We met Katie of The Modern Local through Instagram, and a few months later she asked us to be a part of her blog's "Five Questions With..." feature which highlights members of the community in Miami. Check out the feature here.



This year we partnered with not one, but TWO talented photographers to do fun Instagram Giveaways of their gorgeous prints! We styled vignettes to photograph for Lauren Marttila Photography and Emily Roggenburk Photography  and (very sadly) shipped the prints out to their brand new homes!



So much to say about #projectbrightandbreezy, so little time. First of all, they were the most amazing clients to work with. Like, super chilled out, trust your designer, awesome taste having clients. The kind of clients that come around once in a blue moon that you just want to hang on to forever and keep redesigning their house and only their house because they're so great. PLUS the house had great bones to work with - the tallest ceilings and tons of natural light were a dream come true!

breakfast nook - the habitat collective
project bright and breezy - the habitat collective

Before and after: #projectbrightandbreezy

Waaaaay back in June we met with some prospective clients for an initial consultation down in Palmetto Bay. They had just moved from a smaller home to a new, larger one - bringing their old, small-scale furniture with them. They were a family of four and knew that the space wasn’t quite right with their existing furniture - not enough seating, a lack of cohesiveness and a cavernous echo to boot. They really wanted their new house to feel like home...

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Kitchen Remodel

The house was built in 1948 and this was the original kitchen, complete with slanted cabinets, pink tufted leather breakfast bar and metallic butterfly wallpaper (YES, you read that right!). The glass sliding doors on the upper cabinets and the red, plaid wallpapered shelves were not doing this already dated kitchen any favors. Throw in some awkwardly placed appliances (see: oversized, difficult-to-reach sink, extractor hood at chest height) and we had a kitchen nightmare on our hands. 

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